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THE “BUZZ” WITH STEPHEN AND WANDA BRAVEMAN Hi, this is Murry, your “Fly” on the wall and tonight the Braveman’s have a very special group/workshop combo just for YOU!                                                CPR for Your Sex Life Couple’s Group will be facilitated by Stephen and Wanda Braveman, Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm for six weeks, starting Wednesday… Continue Reading


THE BUZZ, WITH STEPHEN AND WANDA BRAVEMAN Hi, this is Murry buzzing in from the offices of ISGC of Monterey. Stephen and Wanda are proud to present: LIVING WITH A SURVIVOR, SEXUAL ABUSE COUPLES WORKSHOP May 28, 2016 from 9am to 5pm. Stephen and Wanda Braveman co-facilitate this unique and rare one-day Couple’s Workshop for Survivors… Continue Reading

Forgiveness, can a wrong deed ever truly be forgiven?

THE BUZZ, WITH STEPHEN AND WANDA BRAVEMAN Hi, this is Murry, your ever-loving, ever-forgiving “Fly on the Wall” Today’s question, can a wrong deed ever truly bee forgiven? YES, YES, YES!! “Stephen, how does someone truly practice forgiveness? Can they move past the injustice into the freedom of forgiveness?” Wanda asked. “Yes, a person harboring… Continue Reading


THE BUZZ WITH STEPHEN AND WANDA BRAVEMAN Today Murry is not going to speak, for I have a story to tell, this is Wanda and today, I want to talk about my  mom, June. My mom took her last breaths on this earth last Wednesday March 30th, 2016. She raised five children with my dad,… Continue Reading

Meet the Braveman Hounds!!

THE BUZZ WITH STEPHEN AND WANDA BRAVEMAN This is Murry, buzzing in and announcing a new member of our family!! Stephen and Wanda would like you to welcome the newest member of their family. Meet Bob Brent’s Braveman, he is a 10  week old Basset Hound. He looks a lot like Ben, except shorter legs!… Continue Reading


THE BUZZ WITH STEPHEN AND WANDA BRAVEMAN Hi! this is Murry, your friendly and, yes, nosey “fly on the wall” still hanging out with the Braveman’s. Tonight we are going to talk about a very important topic especially close to the hearts of both Stephen and Wanda. Caregiving, so many adults become caregiver’s everyday. Mother’s, Father’s,… Continue Reading

To Pinch or Not to Pinch!

“THE BUZZ, WITH STEPHEN AND WANDA BRAVEMAN” LITE KINK PLAY OR RITUALIZED SEXUAL ABUSE? THE ST. PATRICK’S DAY PINCH! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all that celebrate this holiday! This is Murry, the Braveman’s “Fly on the wall”. Today, Stephen has a few words to say about how we may choose to carry out a… Continue Reading

Stephen and Wanda’s Old Fashioned Farmer’s Market Anniversary!

“WHAT’S THE BUZZ WITH STEPHEN AND WANDA” Hi, It’s me, Murry, I am back and buzzing around trying to keep up with the Braveman’s. They are celebrating their first Wedding Anniversary at the Historic Old Monterey Downtown Farmer’s Market. Tuesday, March 22, 2016, at their table in front of the Lollapalooza from 3:30pm to 6:00pm.… Continue Reading