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First ISGC Newsletter, “The Buzz”


Happy Saturday!, it’s me, Murry, once again buzzing around the dinner table of Wanda and Stephen Braveman! Tonight they are grilling their vegan fare of vegetables and vegan burger patties. UMMMMM!! If I was a vegan I would be thrilled with this evenings meal.

“Well, Stephen, our newsletter is finally out! What a relief! I hope everyone likes it and finds it informative.” Wanda said with a sigh of relief.

“Baby, they will love it! Everyone that clicks on our website should sign up for our newsletter, The Buzz. It, will have breaking news about our groups and workshops and upcoming special events.” Stephen said with pride.

“I just want to be sure that we keep our office integrity and don’t commercialize your very important work with your patients.”

“Wanda, ISGC, is a center designed for our patients, with the utmost privacy and integrity and we advertise our center only to let everyone know what groups and workshops we have available for their benefit.” Stephen seriously replied.

“This helps the community at large and is a benefit to all who avail themselves of our services.” Stephen continued.

“So, to change subjects, I have been online looking for a baby brother for Ben, maybe a Beagle, I can’t find a single puppy in this area, I am so frustrated!” Wanda said.

“Yes, it’s time for a new brother, for Ben. As a Therapy Dog, Ben has an important role to play at ISGC, he greets our patients and comforts them when they need his emotional support. As a Treeing Walker Coonhound, a Beagle would be a great companion for him. Our new Beagle would also be trained as a Therapy Dog. Maybe someone we know might be able to help us. We will have to put the word out to our family and friends to be on the look out for a new Beagle puppy for us.”

WOW! a new puppy for the Braveman’s, I hope he comes soon, it would be fun for me, to have another furry, little creature to pal around with! This is me, Murry, signing off from another cozy, family dinner with Stephen, Wanda and Ben. Buzzing off for now, until Monday!

830Ben, when we first brought him home eight months ago.

Camera Crews Decend on Monterey

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Kink Couples Group

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Tantra Hour Wednesday Evenings

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Busy, Busy, Hurry and Run!

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CPR for your SEXLIFE

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Sacred Rituals as a way of Intimate Bonding

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