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Hi! It’s me, Murry, once again reporting to you from the Braveman’s dinning room table. Tonight they are discussing the up coming presidential election. As you can imagine, it’s a very lively discussion.


They both have real concerns and many questions! As I am sure all of you have as well.

“Stephen, I just read that 51 million Americans eligible to vote are not registered. Only 58.2 percent of registered voters actually go to the polls to vote. I’m baffled by those statistics! With our country in such turmoil and so much at stake, why don’t more citizens exercise their right to vote?” Wanda asked as she paced around the  kitchen table.

“Great question! I, too am blown away by those statistics. It’s very disturbing to watch the “few” decide for the “many.” Stephen answered.

“As a professional sex therapist and educator, I have for many years advocated for the sexual rights and freedoms of all people. For example, I have been very out spoken in our societal attempts to empower those who have been sexually victimized and those that fall into sexual minorities categories. I’m a firm believer that if we do not exercise our right to vote, we may someday loose that right. Our sexual rights and freedoms could fall prey to those that want to reverse the human rights progress that we have made.” Stephen continued.

“Whether you choose to be sexually celibate or openly poly amorous, joyfully vanilla or adventurously kinky, the decision should be up to you provided you practice appropriate responsibility for yourself and others. VOTE and maintain that right, don’t give it up!” Stephen finished.

So, as Stephen and Wanda have said tonight, please VOTE, if not YOU, WHO? If not NOW, WHEN? Let’s turn this election into at least a fair and balanced contest. If all of the people speak, they will have fair representation! I know that voting takes some time and some homework, aren’t our sexual rights and freedoms worth a little time and homework?

Many of you use the excuse that your vote doesn’t count. That is simply not true, don’t you think you count, don’t you think you matter? It’s time we as citizens of these United States acknowledge our rights and our personal responsibility. Please, please think enough of yourself to use your voice to make a difference in our government. Everyone counts, everyone can make a difference, one VOTE at a time!

This is your Fly on the Wall“, Murry buzzing off to watch the election returns on the primaries!! You know if I could I would vote!!!





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