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Meet the Braveman Hounds!!


This is Murry, buzzing in and announcing a new member of our family!!


Stephen and Wanda would like you to welcome the newest member of their family. Meet Bob Brent’s Braveman, he is a 10  week old Basset Hound. He looks a lot like Ben, except shorter legs! Ben is a Treeing Walker Coonhound. Bob is a Bassett Hound.

family dogs2

Ben is so  happy with his new brother, he barely bites him and when Ben does get too rough, Bob barks at him and chases him, Ben is so shocked he backs away. These two dogs are hilarious!

Bob will also be trained to be a therapy dog and work with Stephen in his practice, just like Ben does.

family dogs

Stephen and Wanda are very proud of their Hounds, now know as the “Braveman Hounds”.

“Our patients love the dogs, Bob and Ben provide unconditional love and make our patients feel welcome, some like to hold them and pet them, it’s very comforting and therapeutic Tto have animals in a therapy office.” Stephen said.

Well, I will keep you up to date with new pictures of our Hound brothers and all of their antics!

This is Murry, the Braveman Hounds “Fly on the wall” buzzing off for tonight!



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