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Forgiveness, can a wrong deed ever truly be forgiven?


Hi, this is Murry, your ever-loving, ever-forgiving “Fly on the Wall”


Today’s question, can a wrong deed ever truly bee forgiven? YES, YES, YES!!

“Stephen, how does someone truly practice forgiveness? Can they move past the injustice into the freedom of forgiveness?” Wanda asked.

“Yes, a person harboring anger towards someone for their wrong deed, can and should move into the peaceful freedom of forgiveness. Quite often the victim wronged may still be holding onto the negative energy of the wrong deed and they also are angry at themselves, somehow feeling that they share the blame in some way with the perpetrator.” Stephen said.

“The act of forgiveness must and I reiterate, must also include the victim. Victims may harbor as much if not more of the guilt for the wrong done to them. Often many victims stay victims because  of an unconscious secondary gain. They may act helpless, so that others will help them, thus thrusting them into the spotlight, without being aware that they are doing anything unusual. This behavior can be an attention getting maneuver that may become part of their life.

‘So, it’s easier to forgive someone else, but hard to forgive ourselves?” Wanda queried.

“Quite often it is easier to forgive someone else. Forgiving ourselves is a conscious choice.” Stephen replied.

“Then how does one go about forgiving themselves?” Wanda asked.

“A person must change their behavior. They must make a conscious decision to stop acting like a victim.  Therapy can bring out issues that need to be dealt with, negative energy surrounding an event that needs to be looked at and changed by the victim. This involves work and understanding and the determination to let go of past negative energy surrounding an event and the courage to love one-self and to begin living in the moment, letting go of the past.’ Stephen said.

“So, forgiveness is a loving act?”

“Yes, baby, forgiveness is a self-loving act!” Stephen ginned as he replied.

“Thank you, Stephen, for helping so many people  change their negative energy into positive energy. Thank you for showing people how to love and forgive themselves!” Wanda said.

“It gives me so much pleasure to help my patients, I learn form each and everyone of them.”

Well, this has been an interesting talk, the Braveman’s never cease to show me how to love and live! This is Murry, buzzing off for tonight.