Monthly Archives: September 2016


Hi Everyone, today, ISGC of Monterey, is proud to recommend a new book, just published by Jennifer Frank.

                                                                      DANCING IN TIME, PLAYING WITH FIRE


This is not just a book, these are stories you can taste. A culinary, artistic and global adventure that opens worlds that few people experience.

Dancing in Time, Playing with Fire is a phoenix tale of triumph, despair, adventure, endurance, loss and renewal. It is a story of our times which arcs from American suburbia of the 1950’s, through the footloose days of hitchhiking, hippies and Altamont of the 1960’s, to the worlds of music, education and law into the 21st century.

The story moves from California to Sri Lanka to England, from swimming pools to concert stages, and from a dirt floor basement on Cannery row to the halls of the California Supreme Court. Along the way you meet athletes and biologists, actors and musicians. Tarzan and Poe, teachers and attorneys, remarkable foods of the world… and two pigeons.

Jennifer Frank is the nom de plume of Sineidin O’Niall, a musical associate of ISGC of Monterey. She can be found every Tuesday afternoon playing fiddle beside the ISGC table at the Historic Old Monterey Downtown Business Association Farmer’s Market.

DANCING in TIME, PLAYING with FIRE is available on Amazon. After you have read this book, please give it a review on Amazon!!