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Hi Everyone, Stephen and I are so excited to share our newest therapy group, to help those Caregivers that may feel like they are drowning in emotional and physical pain from the illness of a loved-one.       We have developed, CARE FOR CAREGIVERS. the one and only “Built just for you and your family”… Continue Reading


MALE SEXUAL ABUSE SURVIVORS WEEKLY GROUP MONDAY EVENINGS  6PM TO 8PM WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW GROUP MEMBERS.  Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse On-Going Since 1994 Creators of, and featured in, the groundbreaking documentary, “Boyhood Shadows: I Swore I’d Never Tell” Stephen Braveman, LMFT, DST facilitates this healing group and provides men a safe,… Continue Reading


ISGC PRESENTS: “ME TOO!” LIVING WITH A SURVIVOR, SEXUAL ABUSE WORKSHOP NOVEMBER 18th  9 am to 5 pm   Stephen and Wanda Braveman co-facilitate this unique and rare one-day Couple’s Workshop for Survivors of Sexual Abuse or Rape, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. Loving Partners learn to increase Communication and Heal Past Wounds. They… Continue Reading

  VEG ON THE EDGE   It is with great pride that ISGC of Monterey endorses a new “vegan restaurant”.   Veg On The Edge is a “vegan restaurant” with West African influences. Akindele Bankole (founder) worked in the restaurant business for a number of years before he decided to take the knowledge he acquired… Continue Reading

We Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists feel strongly about the rights and freedoms of all Americans. That’s why our professional association, AASECT, has released this statement.   ISGC of Monterey is proud to share it with you.     On behalf of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), we are heartbroken,… Continue Reading