Did you know that Psychotherapists using service dogs as co-therapists can have many beneficial advantages both to the patient as well as the therapist?

Service dogs reduce stress, increase resonance between patient and therapist and can help patients become more aware of emotional reactions and support resiliency. Many patients while petting or loving a dog can open up and talk about feelings that they otherwise may not be able to express.

Here at ISGC, we utilize service dogs with therapy and we see dramatic improvement in our patients demeanor and willingness to feel comfortable in a non-threatening environment.

Bob and Ellie Braveman also help us improve moral and promote a peaceful, calm environment for our patients. It is common for some patients to sit on the floor with Bob and Ellie to get their puppy kisses and hugs while discussing their distressing concerns. Just petting a dog can bring down blood pressure and promote relaxation, important in a therapy office.

Below: BOB and ELLIE hard at work on this Tuesday! They are resting up for a busy afternoon at

THE OLD DOWNTOWN MONTERY FARMER’S MARKET. Come by for a puppy kiss! We are in front of the Lollapalooza Restaurant.



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