What is an AASECT Certified Diplomate of Sex Therapy?

AASECT is the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists. The largest of its kind in the United States, AASECT provides education, advocacy and networking opportunities for professionals in the field. AASECT sets the standards, and provides the means, for its members to become Certified as Sexuality Educators, Counselors or Therapists.

AASECT Certified Sex Therapists are licensed mental health professionals. They have advanced and specialized education, training and experience qualifying them to assess, diagnose and treat sexual disorders, sex dysfunctions, sexual interpersonal issues, gender and transgender conditions, along with other mental health and interpersonal problems. They provide in-depth psychotherapy in conjunction with educational and behavioral guidance specific to treating sexual issues and concerns.

At ISGC of Monterey our AASECT Certified Diplomate of Sex Therapy provides individual, couples and group psychotherapy and sex therapy. Specific areas of nationally recognized specialization and expertise include treatment for sexual abuse survivor, transgendered conditions, LGBT issues, alternative life-style issues, sexual compulsivity, sacred intimacy/Tantra, advocacy and supervision.

What is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapy Supervisor?

AASECT Certified Sex Therapy Supervisors are AASECT Certified Sex Therapists who have additional education, training and experience supervising other Sex Therapists. They provide individual and group supervision to other licensed, or license eligible, mental health providers who are members of AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) so that the supervisee may gain the education, training and experience needed to be fully qualified to become a Certified Sex Therapist.

At ISGC of Monterey our AASECT Certified Supervisor provides mentoring and direct supervision for those seeking a career in the field of sex therapy; especially for those seeking to become an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. This includes individual and group supervision, both in-person and through distance social media equipment and programs.

What is a Gender Specialist?

A Gender Specialist is typically a psychotherapist, or a sexologist, who have specialized and advanced education, training and experience working with and treating those who are part of the various transgender communities. Many Gender Specialists also treat the full LGBTQQIKP  (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Kink and Poly) spectrum under the Gender Specialist umbrella.

At ISGC of Monterey our Gender Specialist provides individual, couples and group therapy for all members of the LGBTQQIKP communities. This includes the Monterey Transitional Support Group (now in its 23rd year), for those identifying as Transsexual, Gender Queer and Intersex, who typically seek Hormone Therapy (HT) and Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS) to make a partial or full feminization or masculinization transition. Our Gender Specialist also offers a support group for both Poly and Kink communities.

What is a Sexual Abuse Specialist?

Sexual Abuse Specialists have specialized education, training and experience working with people who have either been sexually molested as a child, raped as a child or raped as an adult.

At ISGC of Monterey our Sexual Abuse Specialist is nationally recognized for being a pioneer and innovator in the area of treating females and males who were sexually abused as children. During his 18 years serving the Monterey County Rape Crisis Center, he developed many successful and novel approaches while running the “Especially for Men Support Group for Males Sexually Abused as Children” (now in its 21 year and offered exclusively here at ISGC), known to be one of the first of perhaps five groups of this kind in the world. His work culminated with the publication of “Innovative Methods for Treating the Sexually Abused Patient” (Braveman, S.L. (2007). Innovative methods of treating patients with sexual trauma. In L. VandeCreek, F.L. Peterson, Jr., & J.W. Bley (Eds.), Innovations in Clinical Practice: Focus on Sexual Health (pp. 197-206). Sarasota, FL: Professional Resource Press.) and being the originator and spearhead of the groundbreaking documentary “Boyhood Shadows: I Swore I’d Never Tell” (originally version, Monterey County Rape Crisis Center and the Mac & Eva Film Company, Monterey, CA 2007). He regularly provides professional workshops and trainings, and is frequently appearing in national media, educating others on this subject.

Our Sexual Abuse Specialist also works with the California Victims of Crime Compensation Program. This program pays for psychotherapy for victims of crime and is funded by perpetrators of such crimes who are ordered by the courts to pay restitution.

What is a Sex Offender Specialist?

Sex Offender Specialists have advanced and specialized education, training and experience working with sex offenders. This includes treating child molesters, rapists, exhibitionists, voyeurs, child pornographers, those who view child pornography, those who commit frottage (illicit rubbing against others, usually in subways and elevators) and those who sexually abuse animals.

At ISGC of Monterey our Sex Offender Specialist treats those who have sexual obsessions and compulsions who might be, or have been, convicted of a sex crime. This includes child molesters, pedophiles, exhibitionist, voyeurs, child pornographers, those who view child pornography, and those who have committed similar other sex crimes.

What is a Domestic Violence Specialist?

A Domestic Violence Specialist has advanced education, training and experience treating survivors of acts of domestic violence; such as those who have been beaten, burnt, whipped, run over with a car, drowned, cut, stocked or put into a physically extreme and dangerous situation by one who is lashing out at them.

At ISGC of Monterey our Domestic Violence Specialist treats victims of both historic and recent acts of domestic violence. Domestic violence negatively affects those who are in close relationships with the victim, such as children, and, therefore, they are frequently included in the treatment as well.

Our Domestic Violence Specialist works with the California Victims of Crime Compensation Program. This program pays for psychotherapy for victims of crimes and is funded by perpetrators of such crimes who are ordered by the courts to pay restitution.

What is a Sacred Intimacy/Tantra Educator?

Sacred Intimacy/Tantra Educators have advanced education, training and experience teaching both ancient and modern techniques, meditations and exercises utilizing the natural chakra energy system of the body, and esoteric teachings from both Tantric and other spiritual paths, aimed at increased awareness and sensual connection.

At ISGC of Monterey our Sacred Intimacy/Tantra Educator provides education and coaching during individual, couple’s and group therapy sessions, as well as during full weekend retreat workshops.  He shares knowledge and exercises aimed at bringing the sacred into one’s life. This includes how to enhance emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy, bring in passion, joy, and celebration, and strengthen verbal and listening skills. A greater understanding of the connection between Sexuality and Spirituality is also shared in depth.

What is a Patient Advocate?

Patient Advocates have specialized training to support patients through their therapeutic journey. This typically involves helping the patient access mental health care by assisting in finding appropriate  mental health service providers, scheduling appointments, transporting the patient to the appointments, explaining to the patient what is about to transpire at an appointment, staying with the patient during the appointment, helping the patient understand follow-up care and assisting the patient in follow-up care compliance.

Patient Advocates are also utilized in hospital settings, where they may legally stand up for the patient’s rights, and in out-patient clinics and centers where they may assist the patient in everything from completing in-take forms to facilitating participation in therapeutic recreational activities as provided by such clinics and centers.

They may teach independent living skills and lead milieu therapy groups. Patient Advocates are usually and deliberately representative of the community at large. In mental health settings, Patient Advocates function under the supervision of a licensed mental health provider or administrator.

At ISGC of Monterey our Patient Advocate facilitates and leads social groups and activities relevant to the major communities we serve. Direct outreach to community resources, such as surgeons we may refer for Gender Confirmation Surgery and the Old Monterey Business Association to coordinate our Farmer’s Market Table and Farmer’s Market Events. She organizes and facilitates Womanhood 101, a social group designed specifically for our female identified Transwomen, and allied cis-gendered women, which has become a mainstay here at ISGC.

What is a Workshop Facilitator?

Workshop Facilitators lead and/or coordinate workshops. Regardless of the length of the workshop, typically being three to seven hours long, while some may be 14 hours long over a two day time span, the Facilitator may present all of the material themselves, co-present the material with others, or present none of the material while acting solely as the host and coordinator.

At ISGC of Monterey our Workshop Facilitators do it all! We plan, coordinate and host all of our workshops. At times we present our own material, covering issues and topics such as our one-day workshop “White Knight: Living with Alzheimer’s Moment by Moment” based on Wanda Braveman’s book of the same title, and our two day “Sacred Intimacy & Tantra” workshop utilizing Stephen Braveman’s extensive experience leading these on a national basis.

We also bring in Guest Speakers who present their material as well. These workshops range from having the current president of WPATH (World Professional Association on Transgender Health) inform us of the latest laws and surgeries effecting Transgendered people around the globe, to having Psychic Intuitives providing readings during one of our “Womanhood 101” groups meetings.

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