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ISGC of Monterey is proud to introduce CINDY GILMAN, CHC as an off-site collaborator.

I was encouraged to contact Cindy Gilman after my former husband passed away with Early On-set Alzheimer’s. I was told that she may be able to answer the many questions I had about his passing.

I made an appointment with Cindy and was blown away by her! She was professional, understanding, and filled with information about my late husband and myself.

Our conversation put me in touch with possibilities that I had only dreamed of. I am now at peace with my husband’s passing and have moved on with my life knowing he will always be with me.

Cindy has been a Spiritual Medium for over 35 years. Her main focus has been on Spiritual Grief Counseling. She was the first and longest running Medium to do a radio show in Rhode Island on Human Potentials.

During her successful radio career, she has interviewed Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Your Sacred Self.” John Grey who wrote, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” Dr. Andrew Weil, author of, “Spontaneous Happiness.” Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles” and many many more.

You may schedule an appointment to speak with Cindy in her office in Rhode Island, or you can schedule a phone session. Either way, you will be greeted by a warm, kind, spiritual and professional Spiritual Medium that will answer your most private questions and help you move forward in your life.

It is with great pleasure that Stephen L. Braveman LMFT, DST and I, Wanda Braveman endorse Cindy Gilman, CHC

Phone sessions can be paid thru PayPal, please call Cindy 401.885.4115 for appointment availability and pricing information.




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