The Braveman Hounds, Ellie and Bob are at the offices of ISGC of Monterey and ready for work!!!! They can help you learn to stay in the moment and be happy for treats, food/water, lots of hugs and a cozy blanket!!

As you move through your day, do you ever wonder how animals “stay in the moment?” When they eat, they eat with gusto. When they play, they play hard, when they sleep, they are in another world, they even drool.

With adults, when we eat we ask ourselves, if what we are eating will make us fat, or will we have indigestion later.

When we play, if we ever do, we have our eye on the clock, we really should be doing something else.

When we sleep, we are restless, tossing and turning, not always able to turn off the events of our day, or worst yet, nighttime is when we worry about things that will never really happen.

When we make love, we may not be able to shut off our minds and blend with our partners and be in the moment to enjoy pure pleasure.

We can take a lesson from animals, they are only in the moment and thats why we as humans find them so comforting and calming.

Here is a tip, next time you are making love with your partner, smell him/her, feel him/her, let your senses drink in your experience, savor it. Love with gusto, your partner will love you for it!!

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