White-Knight-Cover“Until death do us part.”

Early-onset Alzheimer’s reduced Wanda and Joe’s time together to a few short years, but their love remained strong.

Join Wanda as she recounts the emotional challenges of caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s—the panic, the anxiety, the grief, and, yes, the love and dedication.

White Knight reveals a simple truth: you cannot halt Alzheimer’s insidious progression, but you can cherish every remaining moment. Learning to live in the moment helped both Wanda and Joe maximize the good times and cope with the bad.

Part caregiving guide, part love story, White Knight chronicles Joe and Wanda’s journey, and celebrates the unexpected gifts life offers when least expected.

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CPR-Cover-via-AmazonCPR for your SEX Life is a user-friendly, self-help workbook for couples who want to revitalize or enhance their sexual and their emotional relationships. The authors use a simple format. They introduce a topic, which begins only with the letters C,P or R, speak of how this topic detracts from, or adds to, a couple’s relationship, and then introduce suggested solutions. called CPRs. Topics are not longer than 2 pages, thus the reader can get fast insight into how to resolve their issues, without having to plod though hundreds of pages.

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Especially for Men, Weekly Group

Monday Nights 6pm-8pm

Especially for Women, Monthly Group

2nd Tuesday Night 7pm-9pm

Male Sexuality, Weekly Group

Call for Dates and Times

Active Duty Military Sacred Intimacy/Tantra
Couples One Day Retreat

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Call for times

Living with a Domestic Violence Survivor
Couples One Day Retreat

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Call for times


Sacred Intimacy/Tantra One-Day Workshops

Singles $175.00
Couples $225.00
Sexual Abuse Survivor Couples $225.00
Transgendered Couples $225.00
Veteran Couples $175.00
Professional Couples $225.00

Specific Workshops

  8/18/18 9am-5pm
11/17/18 9am-5pm
9/19/18 9am-5pm

 10/20/18 9am-5pm
0/00/00 9am-5pm
0/00/00 9am-5pm

CPR for Your Sex Life: How to Breathe Life into a Dead,
Dying or Dull Sex Life, Couples, One-day workshop


 9/22/18 & 11/3/2018  9am-5pm

Monterey Transitional Support, Monthly Group

4th Tuesday 7pm-9pm



 Tantra Druming Monthly Group

                                                                                                                                                                              3rd Wednesday 7pm-9pm

Care for Caregiver’s Monthly Group

4th Wednesday 7pm -9pm

Sexual Compulsivity Weekly group

Thursday Nights 6pm-8pm

Transgender Second Letter Assessment

Professional Supervision
$150.00 pr. Therapy Hour

Wanda M. Braveman, Patient Advocate
Patient Advocate, $90.00 per hour

Home Visits
Wardrobe attire accusations
Appointment accompaniment and interpretation
Community feminization training
Feminization life skills coach
White Knight (Alzheimer’s and Dementia) life skills Education and coaching
Essentials Oils education

Advocate Options